28 Januar, 2008

Pick Up Artist Cajun - keys to the vip


Mystery Method Newsletter:
Want to see how one of our instructors stacks up in the real world?

Recently the hit dating/pickup show “Keys to the VIP” invited our very own instructor Cajun to test his skills against real-life competitors. He took on other guys in pickup challenges like getting a beautiful woman’s phone number within a couple of minutes at a hot club, or recovering from a deliberate mistake.

I talked to Cajun when he was going on the show. He was confident in his abilities, but it’s always a challenge in a live, unstructured environment. This wasn’t another promo show designed and edited to make someone look good so they could do another season. The show didn’t care whether he succeeded or failed and wasn’t shy about complimenting or criticizing him. In order words: this was for real.

How did he do against the competition? What did the judges think? If you watched the show live, you already know the answers. If you missed it, you can still see it online here.

I’m not going to give away what happened, but here are some interesting things to watch for:

* 3:30 (three minutes and thirty seconds in) – Clips from Cajun teaching a real bootcamp!

* 4:50 – The judges note that Cajun isn’t especially good-looking and that everything he’s able to accomplish is because of his technique.

* 5:00 – Cajun’s become a bit of a legend in some circles for his pickup techniques. Even some of the judges have heard of his notoriety.

* 6:00 – When women at a club say “we’re lesbians” or “she’s my girlfriend” (this is on a competitor’s approach), it usually means you’ve shown too much interest. It’s a defense mechanism.

* 7:40 – Check out Cajun’s use of a creative opinion opener that he is very congruent with. Look at his body language. Look at how he occupies the strategic position against the wall to talk to these women. Lots to learn from and model here.
* 9:00 – One of the judges criticizes Cajun because, even though he is attracting beautiful women left and right, “it seems like he is going through a checklist.” Darn right he is. And it’s the same checklist anyone could follow and get the same results.

* 14:00 – Another judge comments on how Cajun doesn’t really use negs but gets great results: “Guys who are starting off use neg theory. Guys who are masters don’t need neg theory.” Men who read the book Magic Bullets when it came out have over a one-year head start knowing this.

* 15:20 – Another judge comments on how Cajun succeeds despite his looks: “This shows guys out there that looks don’t matter. Women are interested in power, status, and confidence.” “Power,” “status,” and “confidence” are of course, word-for-word, three of the eight attraction switches identified in Magic Bullets. Of course, the book doesn’t stop there; it gives a step-by-step approach to how to convey each one (and the five other switches), even if you aren’t naturally confident, powerful, etc.

If you’re not getting great results yet, why not use this opportunity right now to pick up your own copy of Magic Bullets?

I thought the show was pretty interesting. It’s totally unscripted, and you see successes and failures. The judges are neutral, and take shots at both contestants. And there’s a ton to learn in it.

It’s also amazing to see because it shows the quality of the instructor team from top to bottom. It also shows the quality of our teaching – Cajun was once a former student, trained by our very own Tenmagnet.

Cajun is, of course, grabbing attention both inside and outside the community for his skills. Here’s how you too can learn from Cajun and be able to do easily pick up beautiful women in an unscripted environment:

* His free posts on his blog and on The Attraction Forums.
* One-on-one training or telephone consultations (email us for more information).
* The Love Systems’ SuperConference February 22-24 in Las Vegas, where he will be teaching, among other things, body language and online game.
* The February 8-10 bootcamp in New York, taught with Tenmagnet


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