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Secrets of the Dancefloor - Dancegame

Secrets of the Dancefloor

© copyright 2002
all rights reserved

A complete guide how to master the Dancefloor


Well, well, well, looks like someone wants to know how to work a Dancefloor
huh? J You know, I was actually really surpised that there isn't any
material about Dancefloors out there. There is some stuff but you still wont
be able to put all the pieces together and solve the puzzle. So I thaught
why don't I write my knowledge down and share it with you Bongo-Heads *lol*,
just kiddin.

Everything what is in this book is field-tested and totally accurate, you
wont find here any hypothetical crap and stuff like that. But let me first
of all tell you something that's really important: Sarging on the Dancefloor
shouldn't become your only area where you work, its an option ! If you like
to party and dance then here we go, but don't concentrate just on the
Dancefloor. Its always good to know how things actually work and to extend
your knowledge and skills. So lets get the thing rollin.

About myself

I call myself a Disco-Knight.but who I am, well, I'll keep that a secret.
But I know what Im talking about in this guide, I've all been there, I cant
remember how much time I spent on the floors *lol* but it was really a lot,
sometimes even 3 times a week.anyway, let's get the party started !


See, many guys out there say that the Dancefloor is a trap, and to avoid it
with all costs.well, running away isn't the right solution, never. But there
still is some wisdom in they're words, you see, if you step on the floor its
more likely that you will get stuck on it, hang around, don't do anything at
all and finally become a wallflower...IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO ! The
Dancefloor is just as long a trap until you know how to disarm it. That's
it. And that's exactly what Im going to show you, the way to MASTER the
freakin thing !


I think the Pick-Up Artist (PUA) Rules are pretty clear. NO ALCOHOL ! I
never touched booze, and real Pick-Up Artists don't touch alcohol when they'
re out sarging, got that pal? Good, because if you still need booze to go
sarging, you cheat and it doesn't count if you score. That's my opinion. If
you can only approach when you've had some drinks, you just suck and
seriously, I don't have any respect from guys who pick up chicks when they
have been drinking. There are guys who are telling me how good they are with
women, but it always turned out that they were drinking after I asked
them.Suckers.so if you want to get better, NO ALCOHOL !


Chapter 1: Basics

Ok lets get over the Basics.The Dancefloor is an area of its own because it
has totally different rules. Basically, if you want to work a floor you have
to learn that people in this field act, behave and respond in a totally
different way than anywhere else. And that's just because there are 3
general characteristics which actually mark the Dancefloor:

1. Dancing: If you touch the floor, you move your butt to the beat, if
you don't,

get off

2. KINO: You can start KINO (kinoesthaetics) immediately because its

3. Talking: You don't need to talk, trying to talk on the Dancefloor is
pretty difficult, depends on the music volume thou.

According to these 3 characteristics you can do things that you wont be able
to do anywhere else, except on the Dancefloor.

Because of the loud music its really hard to talk, so you can only work with
what you can either see or feel ! You can only use visual or kinoesthaetic
Skills (Body-Language and KINO). So you think that your weapons are limited?
Wrong, they are not limited, you can use stuff that wont work somewhere else
or has even more effect if you use it on the Dancefloor. Read on.

Chapter 2: Creating Attention

When you touch the Dancefloor its time to create "Attention". There are 2
ways to do that:

a) You dance better than everyone else and throw all those guys back to
stoneage or

cool.gif you joke around and have fun !

If you are not a good Dancer then its time for Plan B J Now, as soon as you
step on the floor you SMILE ! No cheesy smiles, a smile of having FUN. Get
out there and HAVE A PARTY ! HAVE FUN ! If the Party is going nuts, clap
your hands, get 'em in the air, have the party of your life. The best way to
do that is by going with one of your buddies, just joke around with him and
have some fun. (Hey but I don't mean that you'll become a clown *lol*)

You got that pal? J Good, now lets analyze this (no we aint gonna watch the
movie lol.but good movie though, gotta watch it again sometimes):

See, if you just keep your mouth shut, don't smile, just move a bit to the
beat and look around you can tell so damn easy that you're only on the floor
to pick-up chicks. And trust me girls smell this ! Those guys are all AFCs,
they hesitate, they are nervous and they don't have a fuckin' clue. But if
you get out there with the mental state of just having fun and joke, HEY,
you've just done it, you will come across as different *clap clap clap* lol

Seriously, if you really do this, everybody will think and see that you are
a funny guy who likes to party and you won't come across as needy. Hey girls
like to party as well and have some fun, so don't wonder yourself when some
chicks will be dancing next to you, they aren't there just by accident J

Chapter 3: Social Proof

Same story, if other girls see that other girls like you, dance with you or
are just near you, they, well done. But if you get blown out and other girls
see you, its hard to repair the situation because it was obvious. Example:
You try to dance with a girl, she blows you out, everybody will know what
has happened. Its not quite the same when you're talking to some girls at a
bar and you get blown out there, because its not that obvious, you can
repair the situation and nobody will actually know what you were talking
about. On the Dancefloor if you get blown out, the effect is stronger
because you only approach to dance/pick them up. But if you then dance with
a chick it works in the same intensity, just the other way round. If she
dances with you, you must be the man. That's it. But the whole social proof
thing just works if people see you, so don't worry if you get blown out
because it only takes place in between 2 or 3 seconds and if a floor is
packed just people near you will notice IF they even did notice. But dancing
with a girl is a longer period of time, and more people are likely to see
you so it actually works in your favour if you do it smart J


Chapter 1: Different Pick-Up Styles

Listen carefully, there are 3 different ways of approaches on a Dancefloor,
each one does work but the success-rate varies extremely between each one of

a) Knight-Technique ®

cool.gif Get-Lucky

c) Caveman-Approach

d) Audible Pick-Up

The Knight-Technique ® is the one with the highest success-rate and the one
I use, I'll discuss that later.let me discuss the 3 others first


Actually not much to explain here.its all about luck. You're on the
Dancefloor and a girl likes you, is dancing next to you, smiles, eye-contact
blah blah etc. and if you're not a total idiot you improvise and do
something.and you score.no skills needed, its "luck" ! Everybody gets lucky
sometimes, but I don't wait, I sarge !


There are a lot of different caveman-approaches but they all have the same
characteristics. It takes guts to do it and its shameless. Almost everyone
who does caveman-approaches on a Dancefloor is drunk or has had a few
drinks, that's where they get the guts from.

Examples: - Approach, grab her ass and "shake it baby"

- Approach/dance slowly towards her and try to dance with her

About 70% of the Pick-Ups which take place on the Dancefloor are exactly the
Caveman-Way. They DO work, but it's the AFC-Way, get out of the Dark-Ages,

Audible Pick-Up

Some guys confound the Dancefloor with a Bar and they try to chat the girls
up. Fuck that, you wont be able to get a long sentence across. You are on a
floor, why are you trying to only talk, girls are on the Dancefloor to move
and dance, when you talk to them they will stop dancing immediately because
they cant hear you. Audible Pick-Ups are a NO NO !

Around 25% are still Audible-Pick-Ups, its pretty much an AFC-Move, but just
because of you're ON the Dancefloor.

Observe the Dancefloor once, and you will discover that all of these 3
Pick-Up Styles take place. Almost every guy only knows these 3 Styles, and
so do the girls, so whats the deal, you will not come across as
different.That's an important thing like everywhere else, you have to BE
DIFFERENT ! So you better read on pal J

Now, lets turn the music on maximum volume and let me tell you what works
like nothing else:


Dancing is sexual, without a doubt. But can you imagine how many needy guys
are out there? That's right, freakin hundreds ! You don't wanna be the 6th
caveman by just grabbing her ass right at the beginning. BE DIFFERENT !

I actually like all this Knight stuff, so let me tell you how I see it:

I'm a Disco-Knight, the Dancefloor is the battlefield, everything besides
the floors is my stronghold, my buddies and wings are my allies and
competition is the enemy. The ladies are what you can win. Its not a battle
between you and the girls, you have to deal with competition and that's what
you fight against ! Before I'll go any further lets travel back in time,
about 800 years from now, to the 13th century (Cool we're in history-class

In castles and strongholds people celebrated victories, weddings etc with
food, wine and music. Imagine a party just like that, a ball for example.
There was an area where you could dance and an area where all the people
were chatting, sitting down or just hanging around. Let's say the princess
was sitting somewhere and the King just happened to be out of town J There
was a fearless Knight who wanted to dance with the Princess, what did he do?
That's right, he walked up to her, pulled out his hand, smiled and said:
"Will you give me the honor to dance with me Mylady?" If she wanted to she
took his hand and followed him to the.well.Dancefloor J

Now, what exactly did the fearless Knight do in this example? He first
walked up to the lady, smiled, pulled out his hand, then asked for a dance
and lead her to the Dancefloor. But we all know that this is dated and doesn
't work in the 21th century. Guess what you're right IF you would do it
exactly like a 13th century Knight. But in the present we are Disco-Knights,
so we do it a bit different.

But before I'll explain the initial Knight-Technique ® you got to have the
right mindset.

We do NOT ASK for a dance (like the old Knights did), but we still INVITE
the girl. If she doesn't want to, its her loss, not ourse because WE are the
host. You got that pal? Nice J

Now heres the deal, the Knight-Technique ® is divided in 4 parts:

Knights-Technique ®

Locate (L)

Approach (A)

Lead (L)

Close ©

That's the system. If one part breaks down you cant finish it (her *lol*).
Its like your climbing up a wall on a rope, if the rope breaks somewhere you
cant get on top of the wall. Now lets start:


Actually pretty simple: Keep your eyes open for girls, but remember, in
almost every case there are groups of girls, a girl is hardly dancing alone.
She would be dead meat if she was lol. Ok, to maximize your success-chances
you cant approach each girl in the same way.let me show you what I mean.
There are 3 different types of groups:

- 2 Girls

- 3 Girls

- 4+ Girls

A set of 2 Girls is in my opinion the easiest scenario. Now listen, you
should not approach a set of 2 alone.get a wing or someone else from the
floor. You cant keep both girls busy in the long run. Its not like removing
obstacles beside the Dancefloor where you got to have permission to talk to
the target otherwise her friend will cockblock. On the Dancefloor if the
obstacle wont get any attention but the target does (eg: when you're dancing
with her), the obstacle will get bored and cockblocks. Even if you disarmed
the obstacle, it just doesn't work for a long time, you just set the
timebomb maybe on 5 minutes.Someone has to keep the obstacle BUSY. If not
the obstacle will either cockblock or your target is going to eject. In that
case when your target ejects she will say "I have to get back to my friend"
because she sees that her friend is getting bored. Keep that in mind. Even
if the target is getting to like you, she hast to eject if the obstacle
cockblocks or is getting bored. But lets say someone does keep the obstacle
busy.Hey, you're in !

If you try to approach a group of 3 girls with a wing, one will feel as the
3rd wheel and and you have to deal with a cockblock or a "I have to get back
to my friend". In that case you can either approach on yourself or with 2
wings, both ways will work.

4 or more girls in a group is simple because anything goes. You can approach
alone or with a wing. No girl will get bored because one has at least
another of her friends to dance with so they will hardly cockblock or eject.

Once you've spotted the target, got your wing all set its time to approach.


This takes some balls, but when you've done it a couple times you get used
to it and it will become a lot easier. Now that you've spotted you target,
its as everywhere else the 3s-rule and go get her !

Remember, we do not ask for a dance, we give her a chance to dance with US !
Now, the whole point is to take her hand and get her to dance with you.
Heres exactly how its done:

You walk up to her, take her hand gentle and in a smoothly way, smile and
look in her eyes, then pull her to you. Do this slowly, not fast, we are
Knights, not freakin cavemans *lol*

Another important thing to know is that she has to SEE YOU approaching !
Approach in about an angle of 30-45 degrees. It will increase your success a
lot and the chances that she will pull away are less.

Now let me show you something, heres an Expectation-Tree, so you know
exactly what you will expect and you will not get lost or freak out J


1. Walk-up a) she keeps dancing, neutral position

cool.gif she sees you coming, eye-contact,
turns her back on you

c) she sees you coming, eye-contact,
(smiles), keeps dancing

2. Take hand She will look in your face, then when you touch
her hand she will look down (where the
KINO has just started) and then back up again. Don't

forget to smile here.

3. Pull her to you a) smiles and follows you without any resistance

cool.gif Doesn't know whats going on, resists a
bit but is still following you

(look at her face, you'll recognise
when she is in this state)

c) she resists and pulls away. Eject here

Only eject in 3c, if anything else than this, keep going, you have to be a
bit persistant sometimes. Remember, do not rush it. If you walk up, dance
still a bit to the music and approach slowly. Then when you take her hand,
slow down your movements, touch her hand gently and smooth, then pull her to
you, this again slowly and gentle.

Good, now that you got that we can move on. Hey I know its always up to the
guy but cmon, we can choose which girl we want so.I love it J


Ok, shes in front of you, holding your hand, now what? Simple, all you have
to do is lead the situation where you want it to go (I don't have to explain
that one lol).

There are 2 ways to do this:

a) Stay on the Dancefloor

cool.gif Get her off the Dancefloor

a) Stay on the Dancefloor

You have to dance with her, that's why you are on the Dancefloor, but you
have to HOLD her all the time. From now on theres 1 important rule: Kino,
Kino, Kino ! But before you can close you have to create rapport AND
separate her from her friends. That's really easy, just dance away with your
girl that her friend doesn't see you two anymore. Each girl will be thinking
"hmm, I wonder what my friend is doing right now, maybe they're making out
right now.etc" That's social proof, each chick will think that the other is
all over you or your wing. So she will be even more receptive to Kino if you
separate her from her friend.

I use 2 techniques to create rapport with a girl when Im dancing with her:

The 1-1 or the 2-1-2 Technique

The 1-1 T. works like this: 1 step forward, wait, 1 step forward, wait, etc.
You make progress all the time, and I mean more Kino all the time.

Eg: You're holding her hand, then you put you left hand around her waist,
then your other arm, then you put her one arm over you left shoulder, her
right arm over your other shoulder, then your hands move down her ass etc.
You carry on all the time, you don't drop back.

The 2-1-2 T. is just about going 2 steps forward and then 1 back, 2 forward
1 back. That's less aggressive than the 1-1 T and it lets the girl kinda
recover from the Kino. Its more relaxing and less needy. I actually prefer
this one.

You see you don't have to talk here, you can go directly to Kino, even to
heavy Kino. You will create rapport immediately if you dance with your
target and initiate Kino.

cool.gif Get her off the Dancefloor

If she is not really receptive at this time and is a bit "lost", get her off
the Dancefloor.

After you pulled her away try to talk to her on the floor.Hehe you will not
understand a single word lol, so what do you do? Exactly, make gestures that
you don't understand shit, take her Hand and LEAD her OFF the Dancefloor to
a quieter area. They do hardly resist. Hey she is now away from her friends
who may be making out right now on the Dancefloor with your wing. You can
use your voice now because the music isn't that loud. Sneaky isn't it J


You will not be able to actually "close" the deal on the floor, so heres
what you can do:

a) Tonguedown

cool.gif Close

In order to tongue her down, you better stay on the Dancefloor. You can get
her off the floor afterwards anyway after you tongued her down and then
carry on.

a) Tonguedown

When you are that far with Kino on the Dancefloor, the girl expects you to
make a move. If you've done enough Kino it's a tonguedown. Go for it !

Lets say you're still dancing with her, then comes the moment when you think
its time to finish the deal.get her closer to you, dance close, get your
arms around her waist or ass, doesn't matter, get her arms on your
shoulders, but its not necessary. Get closer to her and just go for it. Well
I know it sounds weird but in most cases I just dive in and it works. If you
do it slowly and smooth enough.BAM ! Tonguedown ! You don't believe me? I
closed a chick in 5 seconds of meeting her. That's no bullshit, im serious.
Sometimes even I am astonished what kinda stuff you can do on the
Dancefloor. And it DOES WORK !

cool.gif Close

To actually fuck-close or #close the deal you have to get her off the
Dancefloor. Use your voice now ! Create more rapport if necessary and get
her number or fuck-close the deal !

CHAPTER 3: Troubleshooting

Sometimes it doesn't work the way you expected it, so heres the

Lead: If you don't go anywhere with the 1-1 or 2-1-2 Technique try to talk
to her, and since that doesn't work where you are get her off the

Lead: When you're leading her off the Dancefloor she looks around hecticly.
Watch out, sometimes she isn't just looking for her friend, her boyfriend
could see her ! Be aware of that.

Close: She pulls away when you're trying to tongue her down.

Figured that one out when I had to improvise on a HB9.tell her to be quiet
(gesture 1 finger over your mouth).slow down your movements then tell her to
close her eyes, you can make gestures as well, then smile.if she doesn't do
it, try to talk to her and say "Close your eyes.you gonna love me for this
one." Pace movements, slow them down and dive in.


Chapter 1: Different types of guys

Theres a lot more competition on the Dancefloor than anywhere else. Its
really just because you don't need to talk, so heres a list of guys you'll
run into:


They don't give a fuck, they approach fearless and sometimes they even
score. But they cheat and they are AFCs, well lets say drunk AFCs lol. But
when they gotta talk they usually fuck it up. They're cavemans that's all.
Biggest competitors !


The normal AFC (not drunk yet J) can easy be detected. Hes not really
dancing, hes just moving a bit to the beat and almost always on the same
spot. Hes looking around, no smile, mouth shut and nervous as hell. And when
he tries to dance with a girl you can see him hesitating. No competition

Colored Guys

What I know from my experience is that colored people rarely hesitate, they
are less fearless than white guys. They even dance better than the white
people.they can be a competition but you wont find them on every party, they
usually go to RnB, Soul or Hip-Hop Parties.


There are guys who can smoke a floor (I'm one of them, didn't take a single
dance lesson thou), but they are actually more interested in dancing than in
picking up chicks. Not really competitors but if they want to they can get


You better watch your ass pal lol

Listen, if you joke around on the floor with your buddies and you are just
having fun, you can compete with the Gogo-Dancers !

Chapter 2: Gimmicks

You know, sometimes I even ask myself why I don't use gimmicks more often.
There are gimmicks who work like hell on the Dancefloor, here they are:


Best Dancefloor-Gimmick in my opinion because everyone wants to wear your
hat, and especially girls will just grab it without asking. So there you go,
try it, its really funny J


Works just the same as a hat, but I still prefer a hat. Its easier to get a
hold of it anyway.


Oldest Gimmick in the world: A Camera ! Works on and off the Dancefloor. You
gotta have a camera thou but it works amazingly good. Just make sure you
keep the conversation going.

Chapter 3: Trance

You know, there are songs that will put some girls in trance.it usually
happens when it's a really good song everybody knows or whatever. DO NOT
Approach them when they are in trance, you will brake the current state.It's
a difference between getting excited and being in trance, so make sure she
isn't in trance when you approach, when shes excited theres no problem at

Chapter 4: Hotties

You cant approach Hotties (HB9-HB10) the same way you would do with other
girls. You have to "work her" before you approach, because as you might
know, they get hit on all the time, so the caveman-approach will rarely
work. Heres what you do: STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE and SMILE ! Be careful here,
you have to do it the right way, otherwise you will insult her and she will
get pissed off. Do it like this:

Stick out your tongue, bite with your teeth on it and then smile (When you
smile you can see your tongue and your teeth). Then shake your head a bit as
you disagreed or wanted to say "No", then turn your back on her. Now shes
got her challenge, and that's YOU ! Now wait a couple minutes and then
approach. Make sure someone keeps the obstacle busy, you cant take care of
both girls on the Dancefloor. Best thing to do here is get her off the
Dancefloor once you pulled her away.

Chapter 5: Useful Tools

One big part of being a Knight or a Dancefloor-PUA is that you have to WALK
LIKE ONE ! That's called Body-Language. Recognising that you are an
Alpha-Male just by seeing you walking.that's part of being a Disco-Knight !
So in order to walk like one you have to practise as anything else as well.I
created a tool that will help you:


The next time when you're walking thru a city, get yourself a Disc-Man. Get
some Club-Music on and put both earplugs in your ears. Now walk !

You will immediately walk slower, be a lot more aware of the environment
because you only hear your Party-Music. It puts you in the state of being
on a party. You will slow down your movements, you will spot chicks more
easily and you practise your entire Body-Language !

Walk slower, upright and be a Knight !

Put some of these songs on, they are great for this

- Camisra - Let me show you

- Public Domain - Operation Blade

- JX - Son of a gun


But remember: DO NOT concentrate just on sarging on the Dancefloor, its just

Now get out there and practise!

"Knights exercise their power and skills with dignity.and Knights we all are



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