08 November, 2006

Golden Eye

Eye Contact is critically important in pickup. Along with body language, tonality and facial expressions, it comprises the core of fundamentals that you must have down before anything verbal that you do is effective. Not only this, but eye contact very effectively conveys your sexual value. Just by looking in a guy's eyes, a girl can tell if he's the real deal (if he's good in bed).

This snap judgement is surprisingly accurate — if you are attuned to it, you will soon be able to accurately judge the sexual value of others just by looking into their eyes.

Those who are good in bed will have no problem holding warm, confident, sexual eye contact. Their eyes are relaxed, and unafraid. They don't stare, but they don't look away or blink excessively. Those who are bad in bed will not be able to do this, even if they are consciously trying. If you look into their eyes, their lack of belief in their attractiveness is given away. They look at the ground, have nervous, darting eyes, or have trouble maintaining warm, confident eye contact. To anybody who is looking for it, they look like scared rabbits.

I've always said that the one thing I *need* to pick up girls is my eyes. You can be wearing sweatpants and not showered for three days — if a girl can look into your eyes and see you're the real deal, it's enough.

Quelle: http://sexrevolutionblog.com/ (gefunden von RAZOR)

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